Work History


I started out as an enthusiastic helper in DK Ideal Org. First I was doing FSM activation through calls.

Then I was the one who was organizing and promoting FSM rallies. Organized over 10 FSM rallies in total, and got 100+ people attending in total.

Lastly by the end of 2017 I was actively helping in my organization’s division 6 area to distribute fliers and body route people for OCA tests.


This year was the year where I doubled down on dissemination, and through flier distribution and OCA test evaluations I sold 136+ courses that year. Along with hundreds of books (I estimate it to be around 300+).

This year is also the year when I became a Power FSM and the Top Disseminator in Europe for that year.


This year I had about 6 months of apprenticeship in WISE consulting under esteemed WISE consultant Mike Heyl. This was arranged by CO WISE EU himself. I took part in about 6 of Mike’s trip to different countries to consult clients.

By the end of 2019 I spent 3 months as a camera sales rep at Grays Of Westminster. Where I sold around 15k/month worth of good.


In 2020, I started working with Rafferty Pendery as a sales rep to

Somewhere in 2021 I became double hatted within the organization as my collage had left to work on his own family business, and I took over his hat as support. From that point on I was the only staff within the organization running the show.

By the time I left I improved the system in various ways, I decreased the number of new tickets by over 50% through creating tutorial courses and articles for the system. Finally, when i joined there were around 300 users, when I left the system had well over 750+ active users. 


I became a solo entrepreneur for a while. I took on clients to do marketing and digital automation for them.

Here is an example of what I managed to achieve:

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