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Are you spending too much time on manual tasks which can be automated?

How do you even know what can be automated?

Hello! My name is Adam Viszler, skilled digital automations expert.

I have worked on many automations so far, and gotten remarkable results.

It doesn’t matter if your business already has existing systems and procedures or not. 

We can find the right tools and ways to connect all the systems together and make them work hand in hand in a coordinated manner.

Essentially you can get a complete front and backend customer journey and administration.

Let me tell you what exactly is taking too much manual time within your organization, and what we can do to reduce this additional wasted time.


Success Story

The client below had an offline business that she was doing part time alone. Now it is automatically generating thousands of $ every month with no work and supervision. 

I created a website, optimized it with best marketing and sales practices and automated all the processes.

Now all she has to worry about is to deliver the service.

What can be automated?


Once some one has paid, you don’t need to write an invoice from scratch or use external additional invoicing software. 

Simply plug one of the available online tools to your payment system and invoice can go out automatically to the customer and to your accounting department.

We can use tools like Stripe or Paypal or even message forms to send out automatic invoices.

Follow-ups & Reminders

You can automate reminders for meetings and follow-ups after meetings, service or product deliveries. 

Need to ask your customer to give an online review after an interaction? We can automate it.

Need to notify the customer about something? Sure thing!

With emailing systems like MailChimp, scheduling systems like Calendly, CRMs and even Forms, this can be done via emails and or SMS. 100% automated.

Email newsletter

You want to pre-write a 100 emails in one week, and schedule this 100 emails throughout the year? It can be done.

Maybe you want a specific 10 or 20 emails to go out in sequence to every new email subscriber? Something that is designed to bridge the gap between an interested prospect and a fanatic follower? 

That can be done as well!

Bookings & Scheduling

With tools like Calendly and many other website plugins you can Book your sales, support and delivery staff automatically. 

We can even setup this system in a way that doesn’t allow 2 different prospects/customers to book the same person for the same time slot. 

The bookings would automatically reserve the spot of the staff member, and automatically add the booking to his/her online calendar.

Payment collections

You have a recurring subscription? The collection can be automated. 

You might want to just take one time payments online? Sure thing!

Or, you might have a specific business model where you take a deposit first, and the full payment only after the delivery (or just before)? 

I have done that too!

Customer enlightenment & prospecting

Sometimes one page, email or video is not enough. 

You might want to lead your prospect through an educational journey where the prospect learns something about your company, product or service at each and every step. 

This can be done as well. 

I can setup pages and email sequences which educates your prospect by gradients and leads them through a series of steps (pages, emails or actions) until they get to the certainty level where they can purchase the big service/product.

This process is especially important if the leads your sales team gets are extremely cold, or if they have too many questions. I can solve this by increasing the buying urgency and certainty of your solution before they get to talk with a sales rep. Thus increasing the closing ratio.


Selling one product is great! But what about selling adiditional related products/services? What about an upgrade to the just recently purchased item? 
How would one go about this? Send an email 1 day after the purchase? Chances are, that at this point the customer isn’t in the “buying mood” anymore. In my country we have a saying “hit the iron while its hot”.

Which means we have to capitalize on the customer’s “buying” state of mind while its still strongly present.

I can setup systems that immediately offers upgrades and additional purchases while the customer is going through the checkout.


Collecting stats can be a nightmare. Especially if its done manually. 

I can automate the stat collection process of any digital activity and automatically create a report and send it to your email.

Customer Relations Management Database

Once you have a new website buyer, you need to document it to your emailing system and CRM. This can be done using APIs. APIs essentially allows us to make different apps and platforms communicate with one another. Sending data in-between each other.  I can create these connections for you in a way that it works best for your needs and wants and capture each and every new website lead in the CRM and mailing systems you use.

Interested to boost efficiency and decrease extra work?

Connect with me through email.

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